Grace Alone Ministries
Life is a journey we all share. Grace Alone Ministries and its affiliated faith families celebrate the multi-cultural heritage and diversity of the Broward County communities where they are located. Our worship services are rooted in the Lutheran tradition but represent a blend of the traditional mass and meaningful forms of contemporary worship. English, Spanish, Creole, and German are usually spoken here and we welcome the diversity that new languages and cultures may bring. Whoever you are, wherever you may be along life’s journey, YOU are truly welcome here.

Why are we here?
Members and friends of Grace Alone Ministries share a journey and a commitment. The journey is life and the commitment is to seek daily to find our way as we do God’s will in our lives and in the communities where we live and serve as the Body of Christ.

We rejoice that diversity in God’s creation enriches, nurtures and challenges our life and ministry as followers of Jesus and as servants in the world. Because we believe with Jesus that God’s grace is truly amazing, we are committed to welcoming all people to this place no matter where you come from, no matter what age, race, socio-economic or family status, no matter what gender identity or sexual orientation. Grace is for everyone or it isn’t grace. It’s that simple. It’s that amazing. We really do welcome all!

Now is a good time. Join us!